Welcome to Our Babysitters; a collection of professional, capable, multitalented and responsible child minders, poised and ready to save your day, your night (or both!)

Here’s a bit about us so you can feel blissfully confident leaving your precious darlings in our care:

•Our Babysitters are hand-picked following a rigorous and stringent recruitment process which includes face-to- face interviews and comprehensive background reference checks. Because we are so particular, we make a point of knowing all Our Babysitters personally so we can vouch for their requisite skills and training, strength of character, sparkling professionalism, kind, caring dispositions and unwavering, rock-solid reliability.

•Our Babysitters are the package deal. You’ll find no tv child-minders here. Tell us what your kids love and Our Babysitters will turn up complete with kit, prepared and ready to engage in their favourite activities; be it art & craft, music and story time, superhero dress-ups, touch footy or a hit of
rounders in the backyard

•Our Babysitters can go big or small. School pick-ups / dropoffs? Done. Whipping up meals or sorting the washing basket? Easy. Planning a huge gathering and expecting lots of kids in need of entertaining? We’re there. Whatever your child-minding needs, we’re eager and ready to help with
babes aged 0 to 16.

•Most importantly, Our Babysitters are decided by you so you remain in total control of who steps into your home. Based on your requirements, we’ll send a handful of our profiles your way for review. We only lock in a booking once you’re 100% happy to proceed.

Any questions? We’d love to answer them.

Please reach us via our contact form and we’ll get back to you quick snap.